Our Team

Developing and maintaining a good personal relationship with our patients is very important to us. We care about you and your well-being! Our team is eager to provide the best possible service and health care for you at all times.

Svetlana Fetzer
Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin
Dr. med. Oliver Grün
Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin
Notfallmedizin und Reisemedizin (CRM)
Michaela Heyen
Med. Fachangestellte
Anne Hilgers
J. Voievidca
Med. Fachangestellte
Laura Wollwert
Zahnmed. Fachangestellte
Simone Tomas
Med. Fachangestellte
L. Meyer
Auszubildende zur
med. Fachangestellte